Round II Admission
The Round II Admission period for residential membership will begin on August 14 (Friday) 10:00AM (HKT). The following students are eligible in Round II Admission:

  • Current students who have no prior experience living in residential halls/ Residential Colleges *

* Choices of four Residential Colleges are not open for Postgraduate students in Round II Admission. Postgraduate students who wish to apply for residential membership in any of the Residential Colleges may submit application in the PG Housing application system.

Placements at Chi Sun College are highly competitive. Only applicants whom have selected Chi Sun College as their first choice of residence may be considered for an admission interview.

Students will be assessed for goodness of fit with the vision, mission and character of the College, on academic performance, and all other relevant information as the interviewing panel deems to be important.

Failure to attend the admission interview will imply that you are no longer interested in the application.

The deadline for application will be on August 20 (Friday) at 17:59 (HKT). Click here for more information on how to apply.