Current students who wish to continue their residency in Chi Sun College in year 2018-19 are now invited to submit application to the Internal Readmission exercise.

The following students are eligible to apply:

  1. Current Chi Sun College residents seeking readmission to Chi Sun College in 2018-19 (including those who will be on exchange for one semester next year)
  2. Former Chi Sun College residents who are currently on exchange but wish to return to Chi Sun College in 2018-19.

All applicants will be required to attend an interview by the Master or the Deputy Master, members of the tutorial staff team and a member of the College Committee. Students will be assessed for goodness of fit with the vision, mission and character of the College, on academic performance, past history in the College or other residential experience, disciplinary records and all other relevant information as the interviewing panel deems to be important.

Readmission Interviews will take place tentatively during April 9 to April 20.



  1. To complete the readmission exercise, students are also required to submit the application to the Round I admission via HKU portal for residential year 2018-19. Details including application period of Round I Admission will be announced in due course.
  2. Students who do not submit application for either the Internal Readmission exercise or Round I Admission will NOT be considered by the Admission Panel.
  3. Deadline of Internal Readmission application: 23:59, March 23 (Friday). Late applications will not be entertained.

Details of the Round 1 Admission will be announced in due course.

To learn more about the readmission process, please visit our website at www.chisuncollege.hku.hk/faq-on-readmission. You may also contact us at chisuncollege@hku.hk if you have any further enquiries.