1. How will the interview be conducted?

The panel will interview all applicants individually.

2. Who will be on the interview panel?

The Master or the Deputy Master, members of the tutorial staff team and a member of the College Committee will form the interview panel.

3. The College Committee is not elected as student representatives. Why are they on the interview panel?

The representative from the College Committee will act as an observer during the interview. They do not contribute in making any decisions regarding readmission, instead it presents an opportunity for the Committee to get to know individual residents. You can also use this time to let the Committee and the panel know your expectations and ideas about activities at the College.

4. What are the criteria you are looking at?

In Chi Sun College, you will be assessed for goodness of fit with the vision, mission and character of the College, on academic performance, past history in the College or other residential experience, and all other relevant information as the interviewing panel deems to be important. You may note that different Colleges will have different admission criteria and policies.

5. Will you take participation at the College/ distance of home from College into consideration?

We are more interested in how the College enhanced students’ life at the University in different levels. Participation or distance will not be a deciding factor for readmission/ admission.

6. How many students will not be readmitted next year?

We hope to achieve the ratio of around 1:1 undergraduates and postgraduates as well as around 1:1:1 of local, mainland and international students at the Colleges. As the readmission ratio is decided each year by the Governance Committee on Residential Colleges, we will try our best to retain as many residents as possible based on their requirements.

7. Can I apply to a different College?

You can only apply to the College you are residing in during the round of Internal Application. However, you can choose to apply to a different College during the Round 1 admission.

8. If I stayed in Chi Sun College in the 1st Semester this year and am currently on exchange, can I apply for Chi Sun College again next year when I’m back?

Yes, you will have to fill in both the Internal Application form and the Round 1 admission form. Please state clearly your exchange status and related information in the Additional Information section. Should you have further enquiries, please send an email to the office.

9. Can I stay in the same room if I am admitted?

We cannot guarantee you can stay in the same room for the next school year. If you have any special requests, please state that clearly in the Internal Application form.

10. Can I leave my belongings in the College if I am away in the summer?

No, you cannot, unless you have applied for summer residence. You may consider other alternatives such as renting mini warehouse for storage.

11. Can I apply for residence in the next school year without applying for summer residence?

Yes, you can. However, you will be requested to move out by the last day. As mentioned above there’s no guarantee that you can stay in the same room if you are readmitted.

12. If I will go on exchange in the first semester next school year, can I apply for accommodation for the second semester?

Yes, you can still apply but we will not keep your residential place during your exchange period. If you are admitted, the College Office will communicate with you on further procedures related to the move-in arrangements.

13. If I will go on exchange in the second semester next school year, can I apply for accommodation for the first semester?

Yes, you can. Please choose “one semester” for your duration of stay in the Application form.

14. I will apply for summer residence which ends in early August. However, the new term doesn’t start until end August. Is there a way to apply for residence during this interim period?

Yes, you can, provided that you are successfully admitted to the Chi Sun College for the 2019-2020 school year. The additional days will then be charged to your lodging fees for the 1st semester. If you are a final year student and you would like to extend your stay, please contact the office for assistance.

15. Why is there a potential increase in lodging fee?

The Governance Committee of the Colleges will review the lodging fee of the Colleges based on various factors on an annual basis. The exact fees for the year 2019-20 is yet to be confirmed.