Applications in Round I Admission 2020-21 are now invited. The system is accessible via HKU Portal ( and is opened to eligible current full-time students at 10:00 on 20 April 2020 (Monday) and closed at 17:59 on 27 April 2020 (Monday). Students who would like to apply for residential membership in year 2020-21 are strongly advised to submit applications as early as possible in order to avoid major system overload near the application deadline which may lead to delay or even rejection of applications. Please note that late applications will NOT be considered.

Please refer to the General Information and Instructions for Hall Admission at Application results will be announced on 08 June 2020 (Monday).

The following students may apply in Round I Admission 2020-21:

  1. Current residents in residential halls/ Residential Colleges for the academic year 2019-20 seeking re-admission to the same hall/ College; or
  2. Current residents in residential halls/ Residential Colleges for the academic year 2019-20 seeking admission to another hall/ College; or
  3. Students returning from exchange who had been residing in a residential hall/ Residential College immediately prior to exchange


How to Apply

Launch the web browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 or above is recommended) à Login HKU Portal à select “SIS Menu” à select “On-line application” à select “Application for Resident Hall” à the appropriate application form according to your current personal particulars will be displayed.

The online application system may not be available during the IT Services’ maintenance period (02:00am-06:00am) or other scheduled period.



  1. The application must be FINALIZED and SUBMITTED within the application period in order to make it complete. Once an application is finalized, no changes can be made.
  2. Students submitted an application for internal re-admission in respective College must also submit a finalized application in Round I Admission to make the application complete.
  3. (For Postgraduate Residents) If you are seeking re-admission to your current College, applications must be submitted in Round I Admission 2020-21. Applications submitted via Application for Postgraduate Housing ( will NOT be considered.
  4. (For incoming exchange students) If you are continuing your exchange studies in HKU in the first semester of year 2020-21 and wish to seek returned accommodation, please contact CEDARS at
  5. (For students who will go on exchange in year 2020-21) If you wish to reside in the College in either of the semesters in year 2020-21 before/ after your exchange programme, please submit an application in Round I Admission 2020-21. If you will go on exchange programme for the whole year 2020-21 and wish to return to the College in year 2021-22, please inform General Office via e-mail

For enquiries during the application period, please contact Academic Support and Examinations Section at 2859-7082, or General Office of Jockey Club Student Village III at 3917-1419 or