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Founded in 2012, Chi Sun College represents the latest commitment from the University to transform and revitalise residential education. Chi Sun bears a clear mission to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds, and tasks itself in providing the most suitable environment for such.

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Chi Sun’s enduring mission is to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds. We seek to provide a stimulating environment where students and scholars would aspire to innovate thus befitting our Chinese name 志新, after our munificent donor.

#MyChiSunStory – Residents' Testimonials

Wenxi Pang, Final Year Politics and Public Administration student from Malaysia

The close bonds I’ve fostered with the people I’ve met living in Chi Sun is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of my stay in Chi Sun. Looking back on my first semester and a half at HKU, I realize most of the people I’ve grown close to, spend much of my out-of-class time with, and would like to thank for making my time here homely and amazing are those I’ve met in College.

Nicole Saw, Class of 2019 MPhil Graduate from Malaysia

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Chi Sun. The student community and college culture is so vibrant and loud and exciting. There’s so much that I’ve learned and so much more that I want to do here, namely in promoting more mental health-related initiatives and varying science avenues apart from academia. I’m thrilled to see myself grow as a leader and follower in my time here.

Peter Bangce Cheng, Class of 2020 MPhil Graduate from China

As a mentor for our Postgraduate-Undergraduate Membership Program, I hope to use my undergraduate experience in HKU to help my mentees enjoy a colorful university life; as a postgraduate, I love the academic atmosphere in Chi Sun as I get to know a great many postgraduates from various disciplines, and it is always a pleasure communicating with them on a wide range of issues within academia and also beyond.

Yashaswi Gupta, Class of 2019 BBA (Acc&Fin) Graduate from India

I am happy to say that I’ve found myself a family outside India that has made life in Hong Kong interesting and enriching. Leading the College Committee has been a wonderful experience for me as we all utilised our time to organise activities and bonding events, which has also helped sharpen one’s organisational skills. What’s more admirable however, is the bond and friendship that has resulted because of the Committee.