Local Undergraduate Students

Round II Admission
The Round II Admission period for residential membership will begin on August 13 (Friday) 10:00 (HKT). Current students who have no prior experience living in residential halls/ Residential Colleges are eligible to apply. Click here to read more on how to apply.

Central Clearing House

Students may submit an application via the Central Clearing House from September 1 onwards. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview by the Admission Panel. Students will be assessed for goodness of fit with the vision, mission and character of the College, past history in other student residences or other residential experience, and all other relevant information as the interviewing panel deems to be important.

Non-Local and Exchange Students

Regarding application for accommodation for newly-admitted Non-local Students (including incoming exchange students), click here for more information.

Students may also contact the Housing Team of CEDARS in case any advice on other housing options is needed.

Non-local full degree student is the one who is holding a student visa when admitting to HKU. If you are a holder of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, you are considered as a LOCAL student and SHOULD apply for hall place via other system(s). For details, please refer to the Academic Services of the Registry.

Notification of accommodation arrangement:
Upon receipt of full application documents, which include a completed online application form and a copy of the formal admission letter, we will send details of accommodation arrangement to the applicants by email.

Applications for places in the First Semester or for one year: from mid-July to mid-August normally.
Applications for places in the Second Semester: mid-November to mid-December normally.