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Chi Sun College is a student residence at The University of Hong Kong with a balanced population between undergraduates and postgraduates. It is also culturally diverse with a large ratio of non-local students.

Founded in 2012, the College represents the latest commitment from the University to transform and revitalise residential education. Chi Sun bears a clear mission to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds, and tasks itself in providing the most suitable environment for such. Central to this mission is student empowerment, and at Chi Sun this led to the establishment of the College Committee composed of voluntary representatives of the student body. The Committee is given freedom to create and define the College culture. To date, the highly-motivated and self-driven group has been instrumental, both in thought leadership as well as in effort, to the early development of the College, and has laid down a solid foundation for generations to come.

Another vital ingredient in realising our mission is the College Programme, which outlines our approach towards residential education. It stipulates key areas of focus: interdisciplinary exchange, cultural awareness and community outreach. The well-resourced Programme provides our residents with ample experiential learning opportunities that complement and augment traditional classroom learning.

Physically, Chi Sun College is constantly being optimised as a scholarly environment. The recent renovation and expansion works of the lobby marks a significant step forward in providing a comfortable and facilitative area for students to mingle and share thoughts and ideas. Other planned works aim to encourage an even higher level of engagement and further improving the academic and social value of the residence. Not many can claim to be a founding member of a new tradition, but at Chi Sun every one carries the passion and enthusiasm of going into the unknown and shaping the future of this new and ambitious establishment.

College Master: Professor Gabriel Leung