The College comprises young, energetic souls and it is natural that a productive learning environment is one that is also fun, vibrant and connected. Social activities, interest groups and workshops all add colour and flavour to College life, and bring residents from different backgrounds together. From festive parties to sports and from meditation to programming classes, these activities are almost entirely student-run, and exhibit the creativity and livelihood that is quintessential to the Chi Sun style.

See below for our latest student initiatives. Click the photo banners below to contact the student group directly!

Arts and Performance Groups

7) Art Club
1) Chi Sun Band
2) Chi Sun Theatre
3) Intercultural Initiatives Team
CSC Spotlight
4) Chinese Music Band
5) Chi Sun Dance Club
6) Kentopella_REV

Sports and Recreational Clubs

4) Badminton
6) Ultimate Frisbee
1) Volleyball
2) Football