Unlike most of the other residential halls of the University, the College targets a 1:1 ratio of undergraduate and postgraduate students. We value the experience of postgraduates and the benefit they provide to their younger colleagues, and the College aims to foster exchange between them with a healthy balance. Through activities such as seminars, salons, talks and projects, students will together embark on interesting intellectual journeys and explorations. Such activities will also benefit the rest of the University community.

Another unique feature of our student body is that it is culturally diverse. The College ensures that the locals, the mainland Chinese and overseas students are all strongly represented. Our current students come from countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, German, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Residents here will surely experience intense cultural exchange, gaining understanding and appreciation of foreign cultures all around the world.

The dynamic mixture of our student body ensures a rich, colourful and vibrant life at the College, where residents are provided with ample opportunity to meet and mingle with people of different background. The College and the College Committee also helps foster exchange among residents through various events ranging from festive celebrations to academic activities.