At our inaugural High Table entitled Ascensio Collegium, I challenged the first residents to think of the then “Block B” not merely as a roof over our heads, rather as a community of like-minded scholars sharing a common purpose who live under the same roof. Two years on, Chi Sun College is already standing proud as a new beacon of residential education with a unique, youthful and of course still very much evolving identity.

Chi Sun’s enduring mission is to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds. We seek to provide a stimulating environment where students and scholars would aspire to innovate thus befitting our Chinese name 志新, after our munificent donor. This, our defining ethos, is the very lifeblood of academic excellence that enables us to produce pioneering individuals at the forefront of human advancement.

Our physical environment is the embodiment of Hong Kong’s history. Not far away is the street named after Captain Belcher of the British Navy, who first docked in Hong Kong in 1841. We share the same street with one of the most established public housing estates with a storied past. We are served by the newest mass transit railway station in one of the oldest districts that is rapidly being renewed.

Our residential community comprises 260 undergraduates and 210 postgraduates of 30 nationalities from all ten faculties. Our Advisory Committee and tutorial team are made up of outstanding individuals representing a most diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

We learn from the time-honoured traditions of the Oxbridge collegiate system, capture the essence of HKU’s century-long hall educational experience, and make our own way forward into the University’s second century.

With every member of our College community, I look forward to realising our tremendous potential, and to making history together in the years ahead for the generations to come.


Professor Gabriel M Leung