Chi Sun College is committed to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds. Ever since the establishment of the then-named “Block B” in 2012, Chi Sun has always challenged its residents to think of the College not merely as a roof over their heads, but a community of like-minded scholars sharing a common purpose living under the same roof. Driven by this commitment, the College has spent the past years to set solid foundations in three key areas, i.e. college structure, college programme and communal space.

Our College Programme is a continued series of planned events and activities at Chi Sun College to implement and execute our mission statement. It stipulates key areas of focus: interdisciplinary exchange, cultural awareness and community outreach. The well-resourced programme provides our residents with ample experiential learning opportunities that complement and augment traditional classroom learning.

Many of the activities introduced in the previous years were bolstered this year with newer content and input. The College continues to provide a vibrant environment conducive for intellectual exchange as well as other creatively themed social, cultural and community outreach programmes.