The following students graduated from the University and Chi Sun College in 2018. A graduation was held on April 19, 2018 to celebrate their achievements.

The Valediction was delivered by Cherry To, a final year Psychology student from Hong Kong.

Resident since 2017
Architecture Gao Ying PhD
Architecture Ko Sze Chai Cedric BA(Conservation)
Architecture Shi Wei PhD
Arts Kaitlyn Cheung BA
Dentistry Han Aifang PhD
Education Gao Bo MPhil
Engineering Wen Jiayao PhD
Law Chung Wing Fung Harrison LLB
Medicine Ou Zhihua PhD
Medicine Sung Tin BChinMed
Medicine Wu Chen MPhil
Medicine Zhang Jiapeng Casper PhD
Science Li Chung Hei BSc
Science Yiu Tsz Hei MPhil
Social Sciences Chen Hanyu PhD
Social Sciences Yao Hong PhD


Resident since 2016
Architecture Hui Chun Sing BA(LS)
Architecture Lo Hoi Yan MArch
Architecture Zhang Guangning MArch
Arts Cai Qianyu MPhil
Arts Wong Chun Hin MPhil
Arts Xu Lingyi MPhil
Business & Economics Chan Hiu Lam BBA
Business & Economics Lau Chung Ming BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Ng Hoi Chun Jason BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Wong Man Chi Vanessa BBA(Acc&Fin)
Dentistry Wang Yi PhD
Education Lee Hyun Kyung MPhil
Education Li Lok Sze Serve BSc(ACD)
Engineering Chung Man Fung PhD
Engineering Ng Chun Hei BEng(ME)
Engineering Yu Hulei PhD
Law Gu Zihao LLB
Medicine Cheng Tuck Seng MPhil
Medicine Chung Wai Heng MPhil
Medicine Ma Ka Fai Oscar MPhil
Medicine Ng Hei Lui Lhotse PhD
Science Lu Renjie PhD
Social Sciences Lam Hiu Yin BSocSc
Social Sciences Marie Elisa Helene Lorre BSocSc
Social Sciences Park Ga Youn BSocSc
Social Sciences Zhong Yishan MPhil


Resident since 2015
Arts Chen Shanshan PhD
Business & Economics Law Cheuk Lem Monty BBA
Business & Economics Nia Sugianto So BEcon&Fin
Dentistry Gao Shiqian PhD
Education Chen Licui PhD
Engineering Guo Peiyang PhD
Engineering Meng Boyang PhD
Engineering Tan Sisi PhD
Medicine Kwok Wan Han Tiffany BNurs
Medicine Lam Pak Lun MBBS
Medicine Li Yiming PhD
Medicine Liu Qinyang MBBS
Medicine Liu Siwen PhD
Social Sciences To Tsz Yan Cherry BSocSc
Social Sciences Wu Qinglu PhD
Social Sciences & Law Mo Chak Hang Chris BSocSc(Govt&Laws)&LLB


Resident since 2014
Arts Wang Ting-Ya Tanya BA
Arts Laurence Yuen BA
Business & Economics Foo Tun Jin BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Gao Miaojia BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Jin Yuan BEcon&Fin
Business & Economics Siya Unmesh Kulkarni BEcon&Fin
Business & Economics Lin Chaohan BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Eda Stacia BEcon&Fin
Business & Economics Zhan Chaoqun PhD
Dentistry Wang Jingyi PhD
Engineering Guo Ziyan PhD
Engineering Hu Jiafeng PhD
Engineering Luo Zhichao PhD
Engineering Meng Fanyu Jason PhD
Engineering Yi Shusheng PhD
Medicine Ho Man Yan BNurs
Medicine Hung Chun Hin PhD
Medicine Li Lingfei PhD
Medicine Ng Wang Tsun MBBS
Medicine Ng Yuey Zhun MBBS
Science Wan Pui Ki PhD
Science Wu Hsin-Wei BSc(ActuarSc)
Science Xia Xiaotian BSc(ActuarSc)
Social Sciences Har Jia Yi Amanda BSocSc
Social Sciences Qiu Zihang BSocSc
Social Sciences Yan Xia PhD
Social Sciences & Law Chan Pian Dave


Resident since 2014
Architecture Lin Xiaoyu PhD
Medicine Chan Sze Ling MBBS
Medicine Khong Mei Li PhD
Medicine Tsang Lok Ting Trixie MBBS
Science Hu Taihua PhD