The following students graduated from the University and Chi Sun College in 2015.  A graduation was held on April 15, 2015 to celebrate their achievements.

The Valediction was delivered by Arpit Brij Gupta, a final year Computer Science Student from India.



Residents since 2012
Architecture Belinda Lau PhD
Arts Cheung Man Nga BA
Arts Lai Wing Sze BA
Arts Lee Chun Ming BA
Arts Mu Donglin BA
Business & Economics Adrian Bram BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Audrey Hanzdima BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Jennifer Willyanto BBA(Acc&Fin)
Business & Economics Ko Chun Kit BEcon&Fin
Business & Economics Lee Kyung Min BEcon&Fin
Business & Economics Lim Bei BEcon&Fin
Business & Economics Sonja Pang-Stockford BEcon&Fin
Engineering Arpit Brij Gupta BEng(CompSc)
Engineering Yatharth Sharma BEng(CompSc)
Engineering Calvin Adiputra BEng(EComE)
Engineering Haque Md Rifatul BEng(EComE)
Engineering Ettisaf Deen Ahmed BEng(ME)
Engineering Zhu Xiaolong PhD
Medicine He Ying PhD
Science Weng Han BSc(ActuarSc)
Science Lam Chi Chung MPhil
Science Ma Sijia BSc
Social Sciences He Yichen BSocSc
Social Sciences Yanni Wang BSocSc
Social Sciences Hung Man Kit BSocSc(Govt&Laws)


Residents since 2013
Architecture Jan Henao MArch
Arts Choi Kim Ki BA
Business & Economics Chan Ying Tung BBA(IBGM)
Business & Economics Ge Li PhD
Education Wong Pei Meng PhD
Engineering Chan Pak Hin BEng(ME)
Engineering Yip Kin Lung BEng(ME)
Engineering Mei Qinggao MPhil
Engineering Hu Wenchao PhD
Engineering Liu Zhou PhD
Engineering Wang Shang PhD
Law Jeff Yeung LLB
Medicine Chen Jianjiu MPhil
Medicine Chen Hansen PhD
Medicine Shen Chen PhD
Medicine Zhao Jia PhD
Science Yeung Ho Ching BSc
Science Wang Yuan PhD
Social Sciences Yuen Wan Wai BSocSc


Residents since 2014
Architecture Zoey Han MScMUP
Architecture Hu Chen MScMUP
Architecture Lan Tian PhD
Business & Economics Ng Hang BBA(Law)
Business & Economics Jonathan Choi BEcon&Fin
Dentistry Manasi Bhoj MPhil
Engineering Li Xiaoyang PhD
Law Patricia Wong MPhil
Medicine Mak Chun Yiu BPharm
Medicine Chang Jingwen MPhil
Medicine Li Teng PhD
Medicine Liu Jingyi PhD
Science Chan Yik BSc
Science Kwong Hiu Tung MPhil
Science Leung Ying Chi MPhil

* Full Time HKU UG/PG students who have stayed in Chi Sun College for at least one school year.