Chi Sun Spotlight: Hike to Mount Davis – A locked gate, mating calls and a view of historical significance

The hike to Mount Davis, organized by Chi Sun’s Intercultural Initiatives was not a conventional one, and was interesting to say the least. Bear with us to see why. As the day began (it was 2.30pm), we set off, ignoring the morning rain and hoping the trail wouldn’t be too slippery. Fortunately the sun beamed […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: High Table with the Cotton Princess, Ms Marjorie Yang

Carrying on the ritual of treating its residents with a night of enlightenment coupled with splendour, Chi Sun College had its first High Table for the year 2017-2018 on 14th September 2017. Dressing up in their best attire, and donning their academic gowns, 437 Chi Sunners of 37 different nationalities partook in the night’s festivities. […]

Welcome Message from the Master 17-18

Dear ChiSunners, Welcome, all of you. As the summer passes, Chi Sun has completed our fifth birthday, confidently stepping into our sixth year. Let me take this opportunity to highlight some of our past and present achievements. Chi Sun boasts a diverse and international student body. To date, we have become home to students of […]

Open Day & Info Session for Round II Applicants | Aug 5

Round II Admission for Colleges and Halls will begin on August 11 for all current local undergraduates with no prior hall/ college experience. Chi Sun College will be organising an Open House & Info Session for potential students to understand more about the College. Students who are interested to apply for Chi Sun College during […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: Interview with Dr. Kofi Yakpo

“Challenging the mainstream patterns of thinking” – an interview with Dr. Kofi Yakpo The arrival of Dr. Kofi Yakpo as our new Deputy Master earlier this year was a paramount addition to the continuous enrichment of diverse and exciting opportunities here at Chi Sun College. His accomplishments in the fields of linguistics and work for […]

High Table #7 with Ms Anna Wu // April 20, 2017

Ms Anna Wu, non-official member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, shared with us her views on the importance of critical thinking and information evaluation in the current world at the last High Table of the 2016-17 academic year.     After the dinner, we bid farewell to our Class of 2017 graduates, many […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: A University Student’s Guide to Macau

By Alison Lam and Sarah Lau Asia is filled with numerous countries with distinct cultures that one can travel to and explore: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand… the options are endless. However, unlike Europe, where you can take trains to nearby countries, or US, where road trips are popular, in Hong Kong, a plane journey is […]

High Table #6 with Mr Andrew Seaton // March 23, 2017

Mr Andrew Seaton, Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, shared with us his views on the future direction of Britain and its business relations with Hong Kong at our sixth High Table of the academic year. For more High Table speeches, visit our YouTube channel to subscribe! To view more photos from […]

High Table #5 with Ms Shirley Yuen // February 23, 2017

Ms Shirley Yuen, CEO of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, shared with us the importance of open-mindedness at our fifth High Table of the academic year. For more High Table speeches, visit our YouTube channel to subscribe! To view more photos from the High Table, visit our Facebook page here!