High Table #6 and Class of 2019 Graduation with Ms Sandra Lee // Apr 25, 2019

Ms Sandra Lee, Chair of our College’s Advisory Committee, shared with us her insights on the importance of manifesting moral values in social networks and current society, at the sixth High Table of the 2018-19 academic year. After the dinner, we bid farewell to our Class of 2019 graduates, many of whom have spent their entire undergraduate or postgraduate career at Chi Sun College, at the graduation ceremony. We also received the annual awardees of the College Award, Ms Yashaswi Gupta and Mr Harrison Li, in recognition of their excellent scholarship, inspiring leadership, and meritorious service to the College and society at large. A valediction delivered by our final year Business & Economics student Ms Yashaswi Gupta concluded the night.

To view more photos from the High Table, visit our Facebook page here!

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