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Founded in 2012, Chi Sun College represents the latest commitment from the University to transform and revitalise residential education. Chi Sun bears a clear mission to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds, and tasks itself in providing the most suitable environment for such.

High Table with Ms Esther Suen

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Ms Esther Suen, Managing Director of the Simatelex Manufactory Company Ltd., shared with us inspiring anecdotes of Mr Suen Chi Sun, and reminded us the importance of honouring his legacy at the College during our very special 5th Anniversary High Table dinner.

Message from Master


Chi Sun’s enduring mission is to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds. We seek to provide a stimulating environment where students and scholars would aspire to innovate thus befitting our Chinese name 志新, after our munificent donor.

#MyChiSunStory – Residents' Testimonials

Jason Meng, Year 3 PhD student in Engineering from China


Chi Sun College is more than just a place for residence to me; it is more like an off-campus society where I can relax and improve myself at the same time. The activities of Chi Sun have enabled me to find people with the same interests as me, such as those talented music lovers in Kentopella and my enthusiastic football buddies. The programme here has been an integral part of my PhD experience.

Yashaswi Gupta, Year 2 Accounting & Finance student from India


I am happy to say that I’ve found myself a family outside India that has made life in Hong Kong interesting and enriching. Leading the College Committee has been a wonderful experience for me as we all utilised our time to organise activities and bonding events, which has also helped sharpen one’s organisational skills. What’s more admirable however, is the bond and friendship that has resulted because of the Committee.

Ayon Ahmed Hassan, Year 1 PhD student in Molecular Biology from Bangladesh


I highly appreciate the fact that Chi Sun allows numerous opportunities and platforms for intellectual discussions. Talking to postgraduate students here during my undergraduate career encouraged me to pursue a PhD in Molecular Biology, the programme I am currently enrolled in. I believe these opportunities are much necessary and particularly helpful for making important decisions in academic life.

Duncan Lee, Year 2 Civil Engineering student from Hong Kong


Living at Chi Sun College has definitely been the most memorable and rewarding experience of my university life. It is a journey shared with a highly diverse community of various cultures with different academic standings […] I can develop new thoughts and in turn, share my views with other residents on culture, politics, social values and academics through engagement opportunities or friendly debates and discussions.